Our handy single-use system for negative pressure therapy.

This is VivereX®

VivereX® is a canister-free single-use NPWT system. The VivereX® therapy kit is designed for a treatment period of 10 days.

The ready-to-use wound dressings can be easily applied and connected to the small VivereX® pump. The device itself runs on two batteries and operates with a negative pressure of –120 mmHg.

With the VivereX® system, you can achieve all treatment goals that can be expected from single-use NPWT devices.

The advantages of VivereX®


The ready-to-use wound dressing absorbs exudate and allows moisture to evaporate. It also helps to prevent bacteria from entering the wound. The device’s indicators show you whether the therapy is working as desired or if changes are necessary.


Apply the ready-to-use wound dressing. Press the button. Start the therapy. And let VivereX® do its job. It’s as easy as that!


The ease of use enables discharging patients from the hospital much earlier. This reduces costs, as do the ready-to-use dressings, thanks to their long dressing change intervals and quick dressing changes. VivereX is also a cost-effective way of offering NPWT to patients in outpatient settings.

Ideal for incorporating into the daily routine

The small VivereX® pump is convenient and easy to use: The absorbent wound dressing reduces dressing changes to a minimum.

The VivereX® pump is pleasantly quiet while in operation so patients can stay mobile during the discreet NPWT

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The device

The small, lightweight therapy unit fits easily in a trouser pocket. VivereX® can thus contribute to early mobilisation of the patient. VivereX® also comes with a clip on the back, so it can be clipped to any waistband.

The device generates a negative pressure of –120 mmHg and is pleasantly quiet in operation. It runs on two batteries that are very easy to change.

How to change the batteries
Four safety visual indicators
Battery compartment on the back.
Push-button for switching on and off.
Connector port for the tube.

The ready-to-use wound dressing

The dressing's multilayer design ensures an appropriate level of exudate absorption, so the dressing does not have to be changed as frequently. It is a reliable and advanced dressing that promotes healing and requires minimal changes.

Designed in eight different sizes, the dressing can be used for many different types of wounds and is comfortable for patients. Thanks to the gentle adhesive silicone layer, the removal is virtually painless.

How to change the dressing


VivereX® is a reliable, easy-to-use and cost--effective single-use system for NPWT. It is recommended for the prevention of postoperative wound complications, and also for:

  • acute wounds
  • chronic wounds with small or medium secretion
  • skin grafts
  • pressure ulcers
  • diabetic ulcers
  • ulcus cruris venosum
  • surgical clean closed incision
  • subacute dehisced wounds
  • traumatic wounds
  • burn injury grades I and II

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    How to change the batteries

    Sizes of VivereX® Therapy Kits

    Each VivereX® Therapy Kit consists of a single-use device designed for 10 days of therapy, 2 AA batteries, 6 adhesive strips and 2 ready-to-use wound dressings in one of 8 sizes.

    Description Wound Pad Size Order Reference SC/TC
    VivereX Therapy Kit 10 x 20 cm 5 x 15 cm 143020 1/23
    VivereX Therapy Kit 10 x 30 cm 5 x 25 cm 143021 1/23
    VivereX Therapy Kit 10 x 40 cm 5 x 35 cm 143022 1/23
    VivereX Therapy Kit 16 x 16 cm 10 x 10 cm 143023 1/20
    VivereX Therapy Kit 16 x 21 cm 10 x 15 cm 143024 1/20
    VivereX Therapy Kit 16 x 31 cm 10 x 25 cm 143025 1/20
    VivereX Therapy Kitt 21 x 21 cm 15 x 15 cm 143026 1/13
    VivereX Therapy Kit 26 x 26 cm 20 x 20 cm 143027 1/13

    How to change the dressing

    Post-operative complications

    Skin grafts